Clinical Supervision

Clinical Consulting for Individual Practitioners & Supervision for Provisional Psychologists


Build Your Confidence

Increase your comfort and confidence when dealing with difficult situations or ‘stuck’ clients.


Develop New Strategies

Develop new strategies to get your clients moving forward in health.

Danelle Spence in consultation with a therapist

This clinical consultation service is for any individual practitioners looking to improve their professional effectiveness and competence through case discussions, mentorship, and brainstorming.

I will guide you in developing a more vibrant practice by improving your intervention skills, fine-tuning your case conceptualizations, and mitigating the risk of clinical or ethical errors.


$150/hour for individual practitioners

Billable services include face-to-face meetings, Zoom meetings, or phone calls.

I provide these services in accordance with the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists and the Standards of Practice of the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP).

My Supervision Philosophy for Provisional Psychologists


I spend a lot of time obsessing about people’s brains — how they function and how they don’t. I have 14 years of experience working as a registered psychologist. I am also an author, speaker, and former teacher and school counsellor.

I have worked with children, adolescents, and their families in a variety of settings: children’s hospitals, community health agencies, schools and eating disorder clinics. At this time, my practice attends mostly to older teens, adults, and couples in the areas of emotional wellness, eating disorders, developmental traumas, parent coaching, and relationships.

Counselling Approach

My clinical approach is informed mostly by attachment theory, emotion focused therapy, interpersonal neuropsychology, and the current research in brain development. I also incorporate developmental focused EMDR to rewire the brain, severing unhealthy patterns and redeveloping more functional connections.

Conceptualizing a client’s case is important to making progress in counselling. My holistic approach prioritizes making sense of a client’s world. I look for patterns in emotional avoidance and conflict to better understand a client’s attachment history and who (if any) they were able to bring their emotions to in a safe way.

I firmly believe that attending to people’s emotional needs and building a strong therapeutic relationship is key for growth and recovery. I provide tools and strategies for relieving current distress but emphasize the importance of developing a person’s emotional competencies in order to attain long-lasting improvements in therapy. Examining not just what you feel, but what you do with your feelings, is key to my approach.


To develop our supervision contract, we will identify models of therapy you gravitate towards, analyze past supervision trends (what’s worked, what hasn’t), and co-develop goals tailored to your style of therapy. For each supervision session, I will provide you with an agenda template that can be adapted to best fit your needs.

I will review your outgoing emails, professional letters, and clients notes to help you refine your communication skills. I will share my experience of the business side of owning a practice (how to invoice, schedule, market, etc.) and help you set work/life balance boundaries that will support your emotional growth as you develop professionally.

Our Relationship

I will be clear and transparent in any supervision-related communication and will provide specific, actionable feedback to guide your development.

Conversely, I engage in ongoing personal self-reflection, am open and accepting of feedback, and hope my approachability is evident. I am sensitive to signs of conflict and will work to achieve resolution if we come across any concerns. Self-care is a personal priority and will be reflected throughout our time together.


Psychologists’ Association of Alberta certification:

Clinical Supervision – Level 1: Foundational Knowledge

Psychologists' Association of Alberta certification: Clinical Supervision - Level 1: Foundational Knowledge

A Personal Note:

I’ve been told that I have a knack for engaging and connecting with people. My therapeutic style and personality not only convey my passion for the profession, but also my 25 years of experience. My supervision style will always include humour, warmth, empathy and vulnerability. I form meaningful and lasting connections with those I mentor.

I’m also an accomplished abstract artist and Canadian art collector. I live with my partner and our poodle, Russell. When not immersed in brain-based research, I can be found with my bike shoes on, enjoying a sunny patio not too far from home.