Couples Counselling to Improve Your Relationship

When you become a couple each partner brings experiences from past relationships that include patterns of behavior and ways of communicating. These experiences need to be understood, as do the new patterns with your current partner. If you’re reading this right now you could be trying to improve your relationship, but feel some outside advice could help. Regardless of the situation, relationships can become strained. Whether you’re dating, married, divorced, or co-parenting, I offer assistance that can help your relationship. Areas I consider include:


  • How to engage problems ranging from the mundane (household chores) to the permanent (in-law struggles)
  • How to feel seen, felt and understood by your partner
  • How to come together rather than turn away from each other
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • How to discover what the ‘real’ conflict is about
  • How to learn to appreciate one another
  • How to understand and reduce automatic defense mechanisms
  • How feelings can be validated and unvalidated
  • How to create shared meaning and work towards common goals