Professional Therapy for Depression

If you’re struggling with depression you know that, contrary to the advice of some, it’s not a matter of simply snapping your fingers and feeling better. If it were that easy you would have done it already. Depression is an insidious condition that can leave you feeling hopeless, irritable, and emotionally exhausted. Fortunately, the painful symptoms of depression that may be hindering your life can be alleviated. How we do this is by:


  • Challenging the negative belief you may have about self. Going to those deep rooted places where you learned (in error) that you weren’t good enough, or perhaps you  always did things wrong. Unhooking these old, hurtful thoughts and feelings.
  • Depression is like a lid on unwanted and undesirable emotions; once you allow yourself to FEEL what you need to,  the lid can start lifting.
  • When we numb the “negative” emotions, we numb them all. We will need to explore what and there is a need to shove everything down, and start to muck around it in all.
  • Focusing specifically on areas of your life that create stress and practicing ways to reshape/reevaluate those specific areas
  • Encouraging  life-style changes (improved sleep etiquette, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, looking at nutrition factors).
  • Providing support to address feelings of hopelessness, and looking at ways you can make small, incremental changes that last..
  • An exploration of how to feel seen, understand and by those around you. And learning to speak up and ask for you what you need can actually help improve mood and self-confidence.