The Healthy Mind Platter


by Danelle Spence



“The Healthy Mind Platter” developed by Daniel Siegel and David Rock, was first introduced to me when I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Siegel speak at a Psychologist Conference in 2013. I have since referred to it in many of my parent and student presentations, in my own personal work as a psychologist and now as a counsellor at Rundle College.

I’ve actually begun to get mocked by the students at my school for always reminding them of the “Platter”. I’m sure I annoy them at times, but I often ask the students things like:  how is your platter… are you getting enough sleep, are you letting yourself have some downtime, can you be bored on the weekend, etc. I don’t mind being made fun of, as I feel the “Platter” is a nice, easy (and of course), a “neurologically sound” concept, that can remind us all of the balance we need in our lives. One grade 7 student went home after I taught his class about the Healthy Mind Platter, and said to his mom: “Mom, I think you have some empty plates on your platter. “ I had to follow-up with a phone call to mom, explaining that one!

The Healthy Mind Platter shows us what our brains need so that we can be at our best. According to Drs. Siegel and Rock, “The Healthy Mind Platter” has seven daily essential mental activities necessary for optimum mental health. These seven daily activities make up the full set of “mental nutrients” that your brain and relationships need to function at their best. More information can be found at

I have received permission from both Dr. Siegel and Dr. Rock to use the platter for educational purposes. On Dr. Siegel’s website, he carefully describes each plate on the platter. I have modified and expanded on it slightly, to better fit the teen clients and families I work with. Here is my version below:

(I have this laminated on my fridge – just sayin’).





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Danelle Spence

Danelle Spence is a Registered Psychologist with a passion for helping teens effectively manage emotional distress and helping their parents’ understand the complex and developing teenage brain.

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