Customized Parent Coaching

No,  I don’t have children. So how can I consider myself a parent coach, and even dare to call myself an expert in this area?

Four reasons, really:

1) I have been working with kids and teens for over 25 years. In all areas, in all settings. From psychiatric wards to walk-in clinics, to daycares, to private practices, to elementary schools to treatment centre specializing with teen girls.

2) I am a ferocious parenting book reader. When I was in my early 20s I subscribed to Parenting Today as a fun (and exciting) monthly read. My child-less bookshelves in my child-free home are filled to the brink with parenting books. I want to learn all there is. And I will continue to do so, in this ever-changing society.

3) What I do with parents and kids,  actually works. I have witnessed girls with the most intense eating disorder walk away from their illness with the unwavering support of their moms and my guidance.  I have witnessed adolescent boys – who hated their dads – embrace them in forgiveness. I have experienced relationship ruptures repaired, and family narratives heal. Therefore I think I can help you too.

4) I also know I’m imperfect; I’m human AND realistic. I may not know what it’s like to a parent – and I understand my limitations here. This doesn’t mean I don’t get it, that I can’t help, or that I can’t empathize with what you may be going through. I can. And if I can’t, I’ll find you someone who is more suited.

If the above has convinced you to give me a shot, then read on:

I look to Integrate my knowledge and experiences into practical hands-on applications. Parents have a significant capacity to emotionally support their child, if they are provided with the right understanding of what is going on in their child’s unique brain.

Imparting concrete, hands-on skills to learn, practice and use in relationship with their child – is far more effective than trying the same parenting style over and over…. only to create more frustration for your entire family.

If my experience and knowledge can be transferred to the most important person in a child’s life (a parent!) then my job is done. Positive parent/child relationships beget positive changes, which will yield a healthier internal balance for the individuals involved, and family synchrony.